Department Area of Coverage -


The Polk-Jackson Perry Fire Department is responsible for approximately 45 square miles of Ashland County. Our northern boundary for the Department is County Road 500 and the southern boundary is State Route 250. The Perry and Jackson Township borders serve as the boundary to the west and the Ashland – Wayne County line serves as the eastern border.


The department serves the residents and businesses located within the Village of Polk, Perry Township and Jackson Township which includes Cinnamon Lake. Cinnamon Lake is the 3rd largest community in Ashland County.


Included in the department’s coverage area is the infamous “Polk Triangle.”  Local media has named the intersections of U.S. 42 & Ohio 302, U.S. 42 & Ohio 89 and the intersection of Ohio 89 & Ohio 302 the “Polk Triangle” due to the high number of serious injury accidents that have occurred at these intersections.